the day before. & our futures freedom


Doriana Diaz
the day before. was written about the day before the COVID-19 outbreak began.
our futures freedom is an anthem about that aftermath.

Doriana Diaz — sunkissed and spun of gold. Doriana's artistry explores cultural agency and archival documentation of multigenerational black narratives. Rooted in Philadelphia's soulful rhythms, Doriana creates to come home to herself, to find new ways to fall in love with her bones, blood, and body because only she can honor the sacred stories that they hold. Doriana creates for her ancestors, those who have walked tireless journeys and parted the red sea for us to walk through with less weight on our spines. She is energized by their wildest dreams. Creating is a birthing process. Doriana Diaz's creations are her proof to the world that she has existed. it is her children and my children’s children’s inheritance. It is everything that is inside her begging to be born.