Kuphiliswa Healing


Zethu Zizwe Ruby Maseko

Kuphiliswa' is a transcendental soundscape. The piece was composed on the mbira, a pre-colonial instrument from the stone age, used contemporarily in Southern Africa today. Kuphiliswa means healing in Zulu, the language of Zethu Maseko's ancestors. This sound piece explores the potential of the mbira in healing from post-colonial trauma and communicating with ancestors. Whilst investigating her identity through sound and reclaiming pre-colonial healing traditions that have been suppressed by dominant colonial dynamics. This sound piece is intended to heal from health issues and allow for self reflection.

Zethu Zizwe Ruby Maseko is a Swati and Cornish artist and musician based in London. She works across performance, film, sound and sculpture and often delivers workshops. Her work explores de-colonial thinking, investigating de-colonial memory practices using ritual, storytelling, sonics and spiritual objects. In her practice, she draws on issues of racial and gender politics, post-coloniality and Black experience in the UK.
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