generative poetry intervention (cuenca revised) 2020


Suzannah Pettigrew

Generative Poetry Intervention (Cuenca Revised)
In February 2020 Suzannah Pettigrew was invited by Liam Aldous to present a Generative Poetry Intervention (GPI) as part of a ColourFeel curated experience in Cuenca, Spain. The town has a fascinating history and various institutions / private collections that exhibit Spanish abstract art. The GPI was initiated in the Antonio PĂ©rez Foundation. The soundscape is a revised version of what the participants heard throughout the Generative Poetry Intervention.

ABSTRACT: Generative Poetry Intervention(s) is a system to decode the parameters of text and performance in order examine their relationship(s) and role(s). Removed physically from the performance the artist leaves a trace of direction, employing the audience with autonomy to manage their experience and sequencing with the work.

ACTION: The audience takes a selection of printed matter, through this action the audience becomes the performer. The text consists of one line from a poem / short story written by the artist. A further generative narrative is created from the selection(s) made and the outcome explores how the text interconnects with the participants narratives.

Suzannah Pettigrew is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. Pettigrew's practice explores the collective / singular experience and exchange between online / offline realities in post-human society, examining our socio-dependant relationship with technology and our evolution with it. Adapting a multitude of mediums including video, performance, text, installation and mixed media to interrogate the systems, imagery and language we use to communicate and receive information in our contemporary landscape. Pettigrew's practice consists of autonomous and collaborative works, including ongoing posthumous projects.