Hamish MacPherson
A radio programme about floating…literal and metaphorical floating…about light, continuous, flexible movement… drifting between interviews, music and sound recordings…from dance practices and out into the environmental, psychological and sociological…drifting through somatics, algae ecologies and philosophical thought experiments by way of post rock and psychedelic folk…what swirling logics and ideas does dancing bob up and down in?…what matters are held afloat by movement?

Performed at Making an Exit, Chisenhale Dance Festival. “a yeti-haunted dreamscape... a beautiful and delicately realised durational experience in the wee hours” “one of the most interesting things I’ve ever experienced” Featuring Peter Adamson, Sarah Blissett, Noemi Lakmaier, Derek McCormack, Ilana Mitchell, Charlie Morrissey, Osho, Ben Page, Cait Read, Susan Sentler and students at LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, Nigel Warburton, Rachael Wiseman. With thanks to Philosophy Bites, Independent Dance and Ali Baybutt. Part of THIS MOVEMENT, a project exploring how politics is made through the movements of bodies. Supported by Dance on the Radio.

Hamish MacPherson is a London-based artist interested in the intersections between choreography and philosophy